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Susan Bittner, CPCC


Susan is an experienced organizational development leader, training manager, and certified executive coach.  She has a proven track record of developing and leading organizational change initiatives and building strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels. She is dedicated to driving employee engagement and retention through development and culture.


Susan began her career as a recruiter who carefully sifted the true performers from the pretenders.  This was the foundation for her career as an executive coach.   Being attentive to the clients’ needs, while clarifying the candidates’ credentials and success, sharpened her focus on what set leaders apart from the rest of the players.


Through her career, Susan has done extensive work in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space, in leadership development, business consulting and large and small group facilitation. She has worked with all levels of organizations -- from emerging leaders at the front line to the most senior level of leadership. She has partnered with individuals and teams to identify their unique needs and help them discover and develop their strengths, purpose, and passion.


As a coach Susan works closely with each client to find their balance and to discover the answers within themselves. Her goal is to be a mirror that reflects their natural talent, celebrate their success, and be a champion when they are confronting their challenges and opportunities. She fervently believes that self-awareness, authenticity, and courage are the cornerstones of true leadership.  She is deeply committed to helping her clients reach personal and professional success.  She believes that it can and should be possible to have it all and find the balance that creates fulfillment.


Susan has developed and executed workforce planning strategies organization-wide.  She has implemented employee value-based talent strategy, including identification of high potential talent, development of assessment processes, creation of development programs, and succession planning for key senior roles.  Susan has developed and guided the implementation of employee engagement initiatives.  She has also developed and overseen the performance management strategy, philosophy, and process to a diverse employee population.

Educational Background and Certifications

Susan has her degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She is a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute. Susan is qualified to administer and facilitate the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and conducts related workshops. She also has expertise in strengths-based coaching, several behavioral assessments such as The Harrison Assessment, and DiSC; as well as 360° tools such as the Leadership Circle™.

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