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Leadership Enhancement Associates works to develop organizations by providing the following services:

Board Development and Retreats

We work with clients to customize interventions designed to assist and enhance Board and organizational effectiveness. These interventions include a variety of actions to:

  • Assess current Board and organization effectiveness

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities

  • Conduct S.W.O.T. analyses

  • Facilitate strategic planning

  • Establish goals and action steps

Cultural Assessment and Design

Cultural Assessment and Design is a comprehensive, systematic approach to identify current cultural dynamics, strengths, and challenges of an organization. The group then identifies the desired "future" culture and develops strategies for making it a reality.

Customized 360-Degree Instruments

Competency modeling is the process of working with clients to identify the core leadership competencies needed to take their organization into the future. This process utilizes highly proven methodology to validate internal leadership competencies with nationally recognized standards. These competencies are then used to design assessment instruments, establish individual development action plans, and measure progress.

Leading and Managing Change

Organizations today are dealing with constant change. It is not enough to just manage change, executives need to lead change and assist associates navigating the dynamics that surround it. Leadership Enhancement Associates works with clients as guides in this process of transformational change. Initiating behaviors is challenging but remaining stagnant or going back "to the way it was" are not options.

Management Assessments

Management Assessments are used to provide objective data around the current competency level of leaders. A variety of data collection instruments and methods are used, such as Leadership Work Styles Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 360-degree surveys, 360-degree interviews, and stakeholder interviews. The data are analyzed and used to develop individual action plans.

Management Development Initiatives

Management Development Initiatives focus on designing customized initiatives that provide ongoing development of managers and supervisors. These initiatives are designed to enhance skills and competencies needed for current and future organizational effectiveness. Methods include:​

  • Assess needs—individuals and organization

  • Establish measures for success

  • Select criteria

  • Create nomination process

  • Identify participants

  • Design program

  • Confirm program design

  • Deliver program

  • Monitor and measure

Organization/Function Assessments

We work in partnership with clients to develop customized organizational assessment instruments and processes to assess the effectiveness of individuals, teams, divisions, and entire systems.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is an initiative designed to establish an ongoing culture of development. It enhances the skills of current leaders and supports the development and retention of diverse executive talent across the organization. Through this initiative we assist clients to:

  • Identify high potential leaders

  • Assess individual strengths and areas for development

  • Develop individual action plans

  • Coach for high performance

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