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Firm History

Leadership Enhancement Associates, Inc. was founded in 2002.  We provide leaders, teams, and organizations with practical theories, tools, and skills to optimize their capabilities, drive change throughout their organization, and sustain results.  We have developed proven processes to ensure alignment around organizational strategies and to ensure success in the implementation of plans.

Currently there are practitioners whose  backgrounds and experience include:
  • Human and Organizational Systems
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Development
  • Business Practices 
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial Psychology
Our engagements include:
  • Executive Coaching    
  • Team Alignment and Development   
  • Organizational Development 
Individual Specialties include:
  • Executive Coaching – developing high functioning teams; improving communication skills; developing key stakeholder relationships; enhancing conflict management skills; etc. 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Development 
  • Executive Development Programs
  • Competency Models
  •  360 Surveys
  • Assessments and Instruments
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Management and Operations – Financial Services
The clients we work with are in many industries and fields including:
  • Business-to-business research, communication, and consulting
  • Construction Materials
  • Conservation and Environmental Organizations
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • Legal Services
  • News (print and internet) Media
  • Technology
Determining Fit for Organization

It is very important to us that the consultant assigned to a client is the right consultant.  Consultants are assigned to clients based on discussions with the clients regarding the needs presented, the desired outcomes, and the participants involved in the engagement.  The consultant’s background, area of expertise, personality, strengths, and availability are taken into consideration as well.  If for any reason the consultant is not determined to be a fit once the engagement has begun we will work with the client to make an adjustment and bring in another consultant.

Process for Executive Team Building

We use an action learning model which includes:

  • Needs Assessment – This may include a customized questionnaire and interviews with key stakeholders.  It definitely includes discussion with the client and any representative the client designates to identify the presenting issues, strengths, and challenges. 

  •  Assessments – We use a variety of tools and assessments.  These vary depending on the client’s needs and the issues to be addressed.  These tools and assessments include: Myers-Briggs Type Inventory [MBTI]; Leadership Work Styles [LWS]; NEO-Five Factor; OPQ-32; Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument; Team Effectiveness Survey; Strengths Finder; and 360 Survey.

  • Data Analysis – Once the data has been collected, we analyze it and determine a course of action.  The analysis and recommendations are shared with the client and an agreement is reached on next steps.

  • Plan Design and Implementation – Following endorsement of the recommendations we develop a plan of action designed to enhance the effectiveness of the individuals involved in the engagement.  The plan is customized to meet the needs and challenges of each client.  Measures of success are identified and monitored throughout each engagement.  

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