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About Us

At Leadership Enhancement Associates, Inc.  we have consultants with extensive knowledge and experience.  Our consultants’ backgrounds include:

  • Business Practices

  • Counseling

  • Executive Coaching

  • Executive Leadership

  • Human and Organizational Systems

  • Human Resources

  • Industrial Psychology


Determining Organizational Fit

It is very important to us that the consultant assigned to a client is the right consultant.  Consultants are assigned to clients based on discussions with the client regarding the needs presented, the desired outcomes, and the participants involved in the engagement.  The consultant’s background, area of expertise, personality, strengths, and availability are taken into consideration as well.  If for any reason the consultant is not determined to be a fit once the engagement has begun, we will work with the client to make an adjustment and bring in another consultant.

Client Industries

  • Health Care

  • Business-to-business research, communication, and consulting

  • Legal Services

  • Conservation/Environmental Organizations

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Financial Services

  • News (print and internet) Media

Our Protocol

We have a protocol we follow as we work with our clients to customize our services to meet their needs. This protocol is used to ensure that the objectives and expectations of the engagement are clear; that we have established goals and measures for achieving these goals; and that there are milestones and assessments along the way. This protocol is used in all of our engagements. We receive feedback consistently from clients regarding their appreciation for our thorough, rigorous protocol.

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